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From time to time Thomas Skipwith speaks for a good cause. He then donates his fee to a charitable organization. In view of the many forest fires worldwide, he has recently decided to support the reforestation project of his wife and brother-in-law in Paraguay.

Those who would also like to book him and donate their fee to “Green Place since 1936” (reforestation project in Paraguay) are cordially invited to do so. Please use the contact form.

The Lions Club Basel Passerelle has invited Thomas Skipwith as a guest speaker for the workshop “Impromptu Speeches – Made Easy” on August 19, 2020. As a token of gratitude, the President, Patrick Seiler, presents Thomas Skipwith with a donation of CHF 1’000 in favor of the reforestation project “Green Place since 1936“.

Patrick Seiler vom LC Basel Passerelle und Thomas Skipwith spenden für Green Place since 1936

In the video you can see how the project “Green Place since 1936” has become richer by another 1’000 trees thanks to the generous donation of Bruno Erni. www.greenplace-1936.ch/

Here Thomas Skipwith donates the fee for his speech “5V vür einen vaszinierenden Vortrag” at the Rotary Club Dübendorf to Ethiopian Enterprises.

On the right in the picture, he presents the check to Lesley Stephenson of Ethiopian Enterprises.

Thomas Skipwith übergibt Lesley Stephenson einen Scheck.
Donation recipientDonorWhatyear
Green Place seit 1936Lions Club Basel PasserlleStegreifreden – leicht gemacht2020
Green Place seit 1936Gemeinde HergiswilNew Year’s speech2020
Green Place seit 1936Feldmann ProjekteMotivational speech2019
Ethiopian EnterprisesLions Club Herrliberg5V vür einen vaszinierenden Vortrag2017
Ethiopian EnterprisesRotary Club FlawilOffen für Neues!? Veni, vidi, vici2016
Ethiopian EnterprisesRotary Club DübendorfVeni, vidi, vici: Die 5V vür einen vaszinierenden Vortrag2016