Barack Obama

The Analogy: a particularly strong rhetorical device

The analogy is a particularly powerful rhetorical tool. It often allows you to present a situation much more clearly than when you speak directly about it. It sometimes takes a little effort to find a good analogy. But if you take your time, you often have an advantage. Here is an example.

Imagine: You go to the doctor, no, better, you go to 100 doctors and 99 of them diagnose “diabetes”. 99 doctors tell you that you have diabetes and should therefore not eat bacon or donuts. Then what do they say? They say,”This is a conspiracy! 99 doctors have sat down with Obama and want to keep me from eating bacon and donuts!”[Break] You’d never say that! That’s exactly how it is with climate change …”

The words come from the former US President, Barack Obama, who in his speech criticized the position of some Republicans on climate change and the Treaty of Paris. The analogy is convincing and presented with humor. You have to look at it in the original.

Click here for the video. (It takes less than 2 minutes.)

As always: Practice makes perfect. Only if you take the trouble to implement the tips, you have the chance to make a good speech.

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