Bernd Baumann Nazi Karte

Using a common reproach against your opponent

AfD politician Bernd Baumann uses a reproach against his opponents, that is usually used against his own party – and this at the first AfD speech in the German Bundestag. He certainly convinced at least his base. In his speech, Baumann criticised the decision taken at the end of the previous legislative period to determine the opening speaker no longer on the basis of years of service rather than years of life. The aim is that an AfD representative should not be allowed to open the first session.

“Only in 1933 did Hermann Göring break the rule because he wanted to exclude his political opponent. Do you want to go on such a wry path? Come back to the line of the German Democrats,”emphasizes Baumann. A rhetorically well-prepared speech in which Baumann is supported by the regular applause of his party members. What is more, in his speech the politician also referred to the press reports according to which this decision “does not cast a good light on the parliamentary culture in Germany” (focus). And this despite the fact that the press “is not usually in favor of the AfD”, says Baumann.

He skillfully takes elements from German history and tradition as supporting arguments for his point of view.

“How big? How great must the fear of the AfD be?”repeats Baumann. The icing on the cake is the end of the speech: In just one sentence, Baumann lists all the topics that are important to his party. “From this hour on, the issues are being renegotiated here. … also about the euro, gigantic borrowings, gigantic immigration numbers, open borders and increasingly brutal crime on our streets, ladies and gentlemen “, says Baumann.

What can you learn for your own presentations?

  1. Use analogies, including those from the history of your country.
  2. Make verbal judo and take a reproach that is often made to you and turn it around.
  3. Make sure you have people in the audience to support you.
  4. Summarize everything in one last sentence.

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