Master your year-end speech: 5 tips for managers

As the end of the year approaches, so does the time for the end-of-year speech. To ensure that your speech is particularly effective, you should consider one or more specific points in addition to general tips:

1: Review of the year with gratitude

Take time for a brief review of the past year. Emphasize not only the successes, but also the challenges and the hurdles that were overcome together. Show gratitude for the efforts and successes of your team.

2: Outlook for the future

Take this opportunity to provide a brief outlook for the coming year. Share the company’s goals and plans to motivate your employees and get them in the mood for the common future.

3: Incorporate personal points of contact

Make the speech personal by sharing personal experiences or anecdotes from the past year. This creates an emotional connection to your team and strengthens the sense of community.

4: Express appreciation

Use the end-of-year speech to explicitly recognize the achievements and commitment of your employees. Sincere appreciation strengthens motivation and a sense of togetherness.

5: Strengthen a sense of community

Emphasize team spirit and cooperation. Emphasize how important the joint effort is for the success of the company and motivate your team to achieve great things together in the coming year.

With these tips, your year-end speech will not only be effective, but also tailored to the special requirements of this special occasion.

Book recommendation

Book: To catch fish, use the right baitIn the following book, you will find the tools, systems, and tips that will make you a persuasive speaker. So that you need less time for preparation, present more understandably and with more confidence.

Reto B. Rüegger, Thomas Skipwith: To catch fish, use the right bait. Scoring as a speaker with Power Presentations




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