Christian Lindner Fdp 2012

An angry speech by Christian Lindner

Convince your audience and enthrall them: not everyone can do that. Managers in particular should possess the communication skills that captivate the audience and, above all, convince them of their what they say. In the following recording, German FDP party leader Christian Lindner demonstrates how rhetorical elements can be used.

Visibly irritated by the interjection of a colleague from the SPD, Lindner reacts energetically. He takes up the words of the one who interrupted him once again, speaks to him, but also to his party colleague, the prime minister, directly, repeats many statements, leaves nothing unheard, takes breaks so that the listeners can digest what has been said. His arguments are particularly convincing when he adds gestures to them. From minute 1:40, for example, he lifts his right arm continuously and indicates the beat with his arm. A fascinating reinforcement of his statement.

“There you have one.” and “I’ll tell you one more thing”: sentences he repeats three times to score again at the end. Definitely a speech to learn from.

You can also use the described techniques. Why not for your next presentation?

  1. Talk to energy.
  2. Repeat sentences which are threatening to go down in applause or noise or which are particularly important to you. This can also be a useful technique at the beginning of a presentation, when some people in the audience are still talking to each other.
  3. Refer to contents that has been mentioned before.
  4. Give the beat with your arm for important statements.

Click here for Christian Lindner’s video. The video takes only 2:45 minutes. Take a look at it. It’s worth it.