Auto mit Lego-Motor

Spice up presentations: 5 AI tools for professional images in seconds

Attention is the be-all and end-all of successful presentations. And what could captivate the audience more than really strong visual impressions? But let’s be honest, finding the perfect images and graphics for your next pitch in a stressful working day is really not easy, is it?

That’s where the AI comes in! With the right AI tools, you can conjure up impressive visual content in no time at all that will really take your presentations to the next level.

Whether you work in sales, product development or marketing – these AI applications have the right AI images for every industry:

  1. Copilot (as part of the Edge browser) – the thing for really chic graphics and illustrations. Simply enter a few key points and voilà, Copilot spits out 4 design suggestions. The best thing about it? It’s even free to use! Examples: A technician repairs the dishwasher. A Lego car. An exploded view of a motor.

Technician repairs dishwasher Car with Lego motor Exploded view of motor

2 Canva – the all-rounder for quick images and layouts. Canva is perfect for creating social media posts, storyboards and presentation slides in no time at all. Example: A billboard.

52 Speaking tips Billboard

3. NightCafé – also free of charge, but you have to collect credits. The app uses various AI models, including Dall-E 3. Example: A managing director.

Managing Director

4. adobe firefly – the cool thing about it is that you can move or simply delete elements from a photo. Here is an example: There was a car in the parking lot. Adobe Firefly removed the car in a few seconds at my request. This is much better and easier than it used to be with Adobe Photoshop.

Parking lot car removed with Firefly

5. midjourney – the creative booster par excellence for captivating metaphors and concepts. Midjourney transforms your ideas into impressive visual worlds. Just the right thing to inspire your audience. However, you first have to open an account with Discord for Midjourney. Then you have to decide on a subscription.

With these 5 AI tools for image creation, there are no more limits to your imagination. Surprise your audience with original visual concepts and increase the impact of your message. Just try it out at your next presentation!

Good luck!


Thomas Skipwith

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