European Championship of Public Speaking 2024: Thomas Skipwith qualifies for Istanbul

Thomas Skipwith, an experienced speaker and member of the Rhetoric Club Zurich, recently qualified for the European Championship of Public Speaing, which will take place in Istanbul on May 11, 2024. He will be competing in the English Evaluation contest. This qualification is an important milestone in his career and promises to be an exciting challenge for him.

As a long-standing member of the Rhetoric Club Zurich, Skipwith is no stranger to public speaking. His skills and commitment have already led him to national and international successes. However, the European Championship of Public Speaking is a particularly prestigious competition in which the best speakers from all over Europe (16 countries) put their skills to the test.

The road to qualification was not easy for Skipwith. First he had to prove himself at the Swiss Championship of Public Speaking of Division E on March 23, 2024 and win the competition. In view of the strong competition, this was a major challenge, which he mastered with flying colors.

As a representative of the Rhetorik Club Zürich, Skipwith has a responsibility not only to uphold his own reputation, but also to fulfill the expectations of his club and supporters. But he is aware of the challenge and is prepared to give his best to represent his country and his club in a worthy manner.

This is not Skipwith’s first participation in the European Championships of Public Speaking. He has already become European champion in rhetoric four times, which underlines his skills and commitment to the art of rhetoric.

Despite his experience and success, Skipwith is not spared nervousness and excitement before the competition. Talking about his feelings recently, he admitted that he was very nervous, especially when he was called on stage as the last contestant. But his enthusiasm for the challenge prevails and he is looking forward to putting his skills to the test.

For Skipwith, the European Championship of Public Speaking is more than just a competition. It is an opportunity to showcase his talent, compete with the best in his field and celebrate his passion for rhetoric. His participation is symbolic of his commitment and tireless efforts to constantly work on his skills and develop further.

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