Put your words into action.

Have you already planned your summer reading? If you also want a non-fiction or technical book, I recommend the book Online Meetings. There is the book already in the 2nd edition in German or recently also in English.

Why the heading “Let your words be followed by deeds”? Because I don’t just want to talk about how to give good online presentations, I want to give them myself.

I’m all the more excited to get your feedback on my video on YouTube promoting the brand new edition of the book Online Meetings in English.


  1. Watch the short video with eagle eyes. It takes just 35 seconds.
  2. Write in the comments what you like and what you think I should do better.

See the video here.

Of course, you may use the aspects you like for yourself. The others just let away. I wish you much success in this.


Thomas Skipwith

P.S.: You can order your summer reading here:

The English book “Online Meetings

Online Meetings English Version

Or here in German.

Online meetings: book and e-book

Thomas Skipwith, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Autor, Rhetorik-Europameister

Thomas Skipwith

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