7 tips for your Christmas speech

Christmas speech

Some say you never have the opportunity to give a speech. I say there are many more opportunities than you think. One of these occasions is the Christmas speech at home in the family or business.

Why is it worth giving a speech at Christmas (or at the end of the year)?

  1. It consolidates a tradition that makes this day pleasantly stand out from the crowd of other days.
  2. It is an ideal opportunity to say thank you.
  3. It strengthens the sense of togetherness.
  4. It motivates those present.

Pay attention to who is in the audience.

Are you speaking to children, adults, friends, or the workforce? Depending on this, it is worth choosing a different content and main message.

The speech needs a main message.

The main message is ideally a sentence that sticks in the minds of the audience. Example: “We’ve mastered the year, keep it up!”

A main message sticks especially if it is repeated several times like a slogan.

The speech should have a positive note.

The Christmas speech is not the moment for criticism. It is presented with advantage in a positive light and with gratitude.

Which contents are suitable?

  • Relate to Christmas: What makes Christmas special? Use these aspects in your speech – tell stories of previous holidays, quotes from famous Christmas tree top inventors, or sing a song! It all adds color and life to your presentation, and on top of that, it emphasizes the Christmas feeling!
  • Celebrate your successes and/or
  • address the goals for the coming year.

Choose a topic that hasn’t been covered often or talk about your personal experiences with Christmas. Use notes if you feel nervous.

Keep the Christmas speech short.

Much like Winston Churchill’s alleged quote, “A good speech should exhaust the subject, not the audience.” 5 – 10 minutes is a good time frame. The better someone speaks, the longer they can talk. For the most part, keep it short and sweet.

Find your voice: speak loudly and clearly to reach your audience.

Christmas speeches should not be delivered in a monotone – they should be lively and emotional. Find your voice, speak loud and clear, and grab your audience with your passion.

If you are nervous, take a deep breath and remember why you are giving this speech. What is it about Christmas that you celebrate the most? The love? The joy? The hope? Convey these emotions in your voice and in your words.

And remember: a Christmas speech is not an exam. Don’t let mistakes throw you off – just keep going and do your best.

The ambience contributes significantly to the success of your Christmas speech.

Dim lighting will add to the contemplative mood of your speech. An Advent wreath, fir branches, nuts and tangerines. Light candles.

Make sure the audience has something to drink. So you can toast at the end. Or sing a Christmas carol at the end.

With these tips, your next Christmas speech is guaranteed to be a complete success – so get planning and get going!

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Thomas Skipwith, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Autor, Rhetorik-Europameister

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