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Inspire from the start: 10 ideas for a convincing presentation introduction

10 ideas for an attractive opening

Business presentations are often boring like hell. Many times, you can tell right right from the beginning of the presentation. Read here how to make an attractive opening.

1. an interesting quote:

Design the introduction with an inspirational quote that fits the theme of your presentation. A good quote can immediately grab the audience’s attention. E.g. and

2. an anecdote:

A short, funny or interesting anecdote can help the audience identify with you and your topic. E.g. Recently I was traveling on the train. There was a young man in a suit and tie, full hair and glasses sitting one row in front of me with his laptop on his lap. He was looking at a business presentation. I could read along! …

3. A question:

Ask a question that makes the audience think and points to the topic of your presentation. E.g. How many times have you …?

4. statistics:

Start with an impressive statistic that supports the theme of your presentation and captures the audience’s attention. E.g. 2300 cubic meters of water flow down the Rhine per second. This is equivalent to 51,500 commercial bathtubs.

5. a visual element:

Open your presentation with a visual element such as a picture or graphic that fits the topic and visually appeals to the audience. E.g. Create an image on the theme of your presentation with Midjourney or Nightcafé.

6. a personal reference:

A short story or personal experience can help the audience identify with you and generate interest in your topic. E.g. I still remember well …

7. an interesting fact:

Start your presentation with a surprising or interesting fact that supports the theme of your presentation. E.g. Nutella has sun protection factor 9.7 (from the book of the same name).

8. a short joke:

A well-placed joke can make the audience laugh and help them relax and focus on your presentation. Recommendation: The joke should have something to do with the topic.

9. a metaphor:

Use a metaphor to describe the topic of your presentation and help the audience understand it better. For example, camel becomes “desert ship”. Metaphor can be used to make an expression more figurative, vivid, and understandable.

10. a clear statement:

Begin your presentation with a clear statement that summarizes the topic of your presentation and prepares the audience for what follows.

Book recommendation

For an attractive start, I like to recommend the following book:

Michael Rossié: How do I start my speech?: 100 ideas for 1000 own starts
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Gunter Pauli

Move your listeners, if necessary right at the beginning of your presentation

The number one rule of public speaking is,”Don’t bore your audience.” Because that many times leads to the audience falling asleep.

Some situations are easier than others to keep the listeners awake. Especially with rising temperatures – at the moment it’s about 30 degrees Celsius in my office – and with meetings that feel as long as a marathon it can be very difficult to keep the listeners and participants attention. Karem Albash, a colleague from the GSA, has brought to my attention a video on YouTube, in which this problem is masterfully solved. It is a video excerpt from the Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Berlin. Even if this occasion is a while back, I think everyone can learn something from it.

In the video we see Gunter Pauli, entrepreneur and designer and co-founder of The Blue Economy. He’s one of many speakers. What does Gunter Pauli do to wake up the audience?

  1. Gunter Pauli is in a good mood.
  2. He’s brimming with energy.
  3. He sets the audience in motion.

In particular, I think the third point is worth mentioning. Even though the first two points are a prerequisite for the third point to be successful. Namely: He makes the audience get up. At first glance, he doesn’t seem to be able to do it with all spectators. But he doesn’t give up: He insists. The audience seems to follow him. Especially as he has to ask the audience to sit down again at a later date. Acoustically, we hear that the audience has fun to participate. Yes, often this is the case: the audience wants to have fun or at least be entertained. Don’t be boring. As mentioned at the beginning, this is the highest rule of public speaking.

In addition, the third point is interesting because it helps the audience to take a different viewpoint. This contributes to the audience’s willingness to take new ways of thinking.

Why not also invite your audience to stand up, stretch out and move in a meeting or conference?

Click here for the video of and with Gunter Pauli

The sequence takes only 40 seconds (00:07 – 00:47). Look at it.

As always: Practice makes perfect. Only if you take the trouble to implement the tips, you have the chance to make a good speech.

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