What should the background look like online?

In the video below, my colleague Sandra Kuhn-Schulthess and I shed light on what the background (and attitude) should look like in an online presentation.

The background of online meetings

See the video here.

1. watch the short video. It lasts only 2:33 minutes.
2. consider if and how you can implement the tip.

If you need support, we are ready for you and/or your team.

Conclusion: The background belongs to your overall appearance. Do not underestimate it.

If you also see potential for improvement in yourself or others, I recommend the book “30 Minutes Online Meetings” by Thorsten Jekel and myself. Also available in English.

I wish you the best of luck with your next presentation, whether online or in person.


Thomas Skipwith

Thomas Skipwith, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Autor, Rhetorik-Europameister

Thomas Skipwith

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